Changing you, car’s oil on a regular basis is an inexpensive way to keep your car in good running condition. Often times, when the oil is not changed regularly you may have engine trouble that will require engine repair. That annoying check engine light/ diagnostics light will come on and light up your dashboard.

Of course, most people start to panic when that light comes on however, a lot of the time the problem can be easily fixed by an auto repair shop or at any of the numerous oil change shops. While it could be something serious like your car needs an engine replacement, most of the time, it is not as serious as your mind allows you to think.

The Importance of Oil

Your car’s engine oil offers the following three key functions:

  • Oil helps to keep your car’s engine mechanism working efficiently.

  • Oil pulls the heat away from the combustion chamber to help prevent your car‘s engine from seizing up.

  • Oil also helps avert carbon and finishes from building up inside your car’s engine.

How Often Should My Oil be Changed

  • Regular oil should be changed every 3,000 miles

  • Synthetic oil should be changed every 5,000

  • Special performance oils can go 15,000 to 35,000 miles before they need to be changed

What Happens if I Don’t Change My Oil

If you do not have your oil changed, your engine can become clogged with sludge and carbon deposits, which would require at the very least an engine cleaning. An engine cleaning is very expensive, especially compared to the price of an oil change.

If you don’t take care of your car, you could be in debt up to your eyeballs by all the repairs. A responsible car owner should have regular maintenance done on their car including the following:

  • Regular oil changes

  • Have regular tune-ups done

  • Have your car’s exhaust/muffler checked

  • Have your car’s tires checked to make sure you don’t need a tire repair/replacement

  • Have your cars air conditioning unit checked to make sure you don’t need an ac recharge

  • Most auto repair shops also check and do transmission replacement

  • Brakes are also very important make sure your auto repair shop includes a brake shop

Regular oil changes are a very important part of keeping your car running, but so are all the other things listed above. If you take good care of your care, it will take good care of you.

For all your auto repair needs including Tune Ups, Brakes, Engine Repair, Engine Light/Diagnostic, Oil Change, Engine Replacement, Transmission Replacement, AC recharge, exhaust/muffler, and Tire repair/replacement needs give AA Auto Tech a call.