There are few fluids in your vehicle as important as oil, because it’s the lubrication that keeps your engine running smoothly every time you drive. Getting your oil changed on a regular basis is important and can make a big difference in the useful life of your engine. Below are important criteria to use when deciding how often to get your oil changed.


Most experts agree that the traditional oil change timeline is every three months or every 3,000 miles, whichever comes sooner. This is a rough estimate, though, and many drivers wait longer to have their oil changed. However, when drivers do this, they’re putting their engine at unnecessary risk. Premature damage or component failures are commonly attributable to poor lubrication and infrequent oil changes. So as a rule of thumb, three months or 3,000 miles is a good indicator it’s time to get an oil change.  

Vehicle Age

The age of your vehicle can change the timeline for an oil change, especially if your engine is already failing or damaged. If your vehicle is burning or leaking oil, you may have to move up your timeline drastically. This factor can be subjective, making it important to work with our mechanics to identify the right time to come in for an oil change. Otherwise, your vehicle’s age and condition may contribute to the damage of your engine, due to improper lubrication.

Environmental Factors

If you live in the high desert, or another hot or extreme environment, you may also have to come in earlier for an oil change. Harsh climates are harder on vehicles and their engines, causing lubrication systems to wear and tear sooner than usual. The same is true for unusually cold environments. If you’re unsure how the climate in your area may impact your regular oil changes, be sure to contact our shop and speak to one of our representatives. We can help you assess the situation and set up a schedule for regular maintenance, helping you prevent untimely damage to your engine.

There is no reason to risk the well being of your engine by not getting your oil changed on a regular basis. The type of vehicle you drive, along with the environment in which you live, will dictate how often it needs to get changed. Please contact us when you’re ready to schedule your next oil change.