Your car is running badly and you take it to an auto repair shop. The mechanic tells you it just needs a tune-up or a minor engine repair. You probably are relieved. On the other hand if you need a major engine repair, or even a transmission replacement or complete engine replacement there are still very good reasons to consider getting it done. Before you decide that your car isn’t worth it, please consider the following.


  • Once you get the major repair done, your vehicle is not just back to where it was. It is in better condition.
  • Today’s vehicles are designed to last much longer than years ago. Then, when a car approached 100,000 miles, it was deemed disposable. Today that’s not the case. A properly maintained car can last double that and more.
  • An expensive repair like an engine replacement will likely give you the potential for years of more productivity from your car.
  • If you junk your car, you will need to replace it. How much will even a used car cost you? Sure it may be more “fun” to get another car but is it really the practical decision?
  • If you think replacing your car that needs repair with a used car is expensive, do the math on how expensive a new car is. Don’t forget to add in the new car taxes, Department of Motor Vehicle fees, increase in insurance rates and the thousands of dollars in interest. Include the immediate average depreciation of 11% when you drive it off the lot and you get the idea.


It is understandable when faced with a large repair bill you may seek alternatives to putting that much money into your old car. Before giving up on it however, really think about how expensive your other alternatives are.


At AA Auto Tech of Hastings, MN, we can not only repair your present vehicle, but we can help you maintain it better. You can likely get years and years of more value from your repair and maintenance investment. We are not like some quick oil change shops who check your oil and a few belts. We will assist you in knowing what needs to happen to make your car safer and longer lasting, and help set up an affordable schedule to get it done.


The next time you get hit with a large repair bill, avoid the temptation to give up on your present car. It may be worth more, and have more life in it than you think. We invite you to contact us at AA Auto Tech to learn more.