You may have been told as a kid “Don’t go looking for trouble.” When it comes to maintaining your vehicle that is exact what you should do. Looking for trouble can help you discover small problems before they become big, more expensive issue. That’s why we suggest using more of your senses than just sight to catch those engine repair problems. You can also discover issues using your ears and sense of smell.


What Your Ears Can Tell You about Your Car

  • Hear that squealing coming from your brakes? Your pads could be getting thin and you should get into a brakes shop.
  • Do you notice a shrill sound that seems to get louder when your engine runs faster? It could be a belt problem developing or even a power steering issue.
  • Do you hear a clicking sound that also seems to be related to the speed of your engine? That could be a sign that you are simply low on oil. It may be time to look up oil change shops. It also could indicate that lifter that is stuck and that will require an engine repair.
  • Are you hearing a clunk when you go over bumps? That could be an indication of a bad or loose shock or even that your exhaust/muffler is coming loose.

The key to what sounds may be telling you is paying attention to when you are hearing them. Do you hear them when your car is in neutral? Do you only hear them when the car is moving? This can help you track down the problem.


What Your Nose Can Tell You about Your Car

There are smells that will indicate a car problem as well. Here are a few:

  • If you smell something is burning, it could be an electrical short.
  • An acrid smell that is thick can be an indication of burning oil. This too could lead to an engine repair.
  • An unpleasant Sulphur smell could indicate a problem with your catalytic converter or other components of you exhaust/muffler system.
  • A smell of gasoline could indicate you have simply flooded the engine. It could also be an indication of a fuel leak. Be very cautious.
  • An overheated engine can come with a sweet, steamy odor. That is the coolant, and you should not drive until you get someone to look at it.

Use Your Senses

From simple tune ups and an AC recharge, to a complete auto engine replacement or transmission replacement, you can count on AA Auto Tech of Hastings, MN. Use your senses and contact us for your auto repair today!