Check Engine LightWe all have friends and relatives who have done it. Many of us might have done it ourselves. We may even know the possible risks of such behavior. Yet it continues. Across our great country, drivers everywhere are driving while their check engine light on.


There it is, right in front of our eyes. Each time we get behind the wheel it beckons us to simple action. But what do many of us do? We ignore it.


We’ve Heard it All

When it comes to the check engine light, we heard it all at AA Auto Tech of Hastings, MN. The excuses are varied and sometimes entertaining:

  • That? It’s always been lit like that.

  • My car seemed to be running fine.

  • Well, it does go off sometime.

  • I wanted for the weather to warm up before having it checked out.

  • I was waiting for the weather to cool off before having it checked.

  • Hey, there’s something wrong with my check engine light. It won’t go off.


People have been driving with their check engine light on as if it was a decorative effect. If you are driving with your check engine light on, the first step is admitting you may have a problem. The second step is to come to AA Auto Tech.


Don’t Let a Small Problem Become a Big Problem

We can have a bit of fun with this subject, because so many people drive with their check engine light on and don’t experience a major failure. While it is true that a check engine light can be the result of a minor problem like a loose gas cap, it can also be an indication that a larger problem is on the horizon.


If your check engine light is on, come on in to AA Auto Tech. We will diagnose the problem and correct it. It may be something simple, in which case you can leave with peace of mind. If it is an indication of a potential larger problem, we can resolve it before it becomes more costly. You see, there’s no downside!


At AA Auto Tech, we provide complete auto services from simple oil changes to complete transmission changes. We can fix your exhaust system or repair a tire. We even can cure your engine light issue with our engine light diagnostics.


Now there’s no need to drive aimlessly with that check engine light on. Come on in for yourself or tell a friend about AA Auto Tech. It is time to see the light about seeing the light.