As summer begins to wind down, it’s still pretty warm outside, and if your vehicle’s radiator is struggling, you’ll certainly notice. At AA Auto Tech, we help vehicle owners take great care of their automobiles, and one thing we see, time and time again, are radiator problems. In this blog, we detail the most common signs of a failing radiator to help you determine whether it’s time to take your vehicle in for radiator repair. Let’s get started.


Your Vehicle Overheats Frequently

The most obvious sign of a failing radiator is frequent engine overheating, despite normal driving conditions. Because the radiator’s primary function is to keep your vehicle’s engine cool, if it’s going bad, there’s nothing to prevent the engine from getting too hot.


One other common culprit of a frequently overheating engine is a lack of coolant, which is pretty simple to remedy on your own. Simply check the coolant level in the reservoir and if it’s low, add more fluid. Test your vehicle to see if it overheats again, and if it does, you likely have a radiator problem. To avoid further damage to your vehicle, take it to an auto mechanic as soon as you can.


You Can See a Coolant Leak

If you can see green, bright yellow, or red fluid pooling beneath your vehicle while it’s parked, you have a coolant leak, which is a surefire sign of a problem. But this particular issue doesn’t necessarily indicate that your radiator is failing. Rather, the problem can stem from a leak in one of the hoses, an issue in the engine block, or a minor problem with the radiator itself.


To determine what’s causing the issue, you’ll need to take your vehicle to a reputable radiator repair shop for a pressure test. For additional information on what might be going on, contact our team at AA Auto Tech today.


Sludge in Your Radiator

Earlier, you learned that your vehicle’s coolant should be green, bright yellow, or red in color. But over time, contaminants build up inside the radiator, eventually changing the fluid’s color. If you can see that your coolant is either rust or oil colored, you likely have contaminant buildup in your radiator, which can negatively impact its performance.


It’s important to note, though, that a number of other mechanical issues can cause fluid discoloration. To decrease your risk of problems down the road, have an auto mechanic inspect your vehicle as soon as possible.


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