Summer is almost here in Hastings, and if your vehicle’s air conditioning system isn’t up to snuff, that can mean a long, hot, sweaty commute. Not sure how to tell if your air conditioner is working optimally? Not to worry! Our team at AA Auto Tech put together a brief overview of telltale signs that it’s time for an AC recharge. If you’ve noticed any of the following air conditioner issues, don’t hesitate to give our team a call!


Is Your AC Losing It’s Cool?

When you crank your AC up to high, does it pump out warmer-than-usual air? If so, that’s a sure sign there’s a problem with the system. It may be something as simple as a low refrigerant level, which is easily remedied with a quick AC recharge.


Because the AC operates by circulating refrigerant through the system, when the liquid level drops too low, it begins blowing tepid air. Our auto repair specialists can examine the system for air leaks (a common culprit behind low refrigerant levels) and top up the fluid to get your system back on track.


Note: We do not recommend topping up your refrigerant on your own. Without the appropriate gauges, you cannot determine how much fluid the system currently contains. Adding too much refrigerant places excessive stress on the system’s compressor, which can cause it to overheat or burn out completely.


Do You Smell Something Funky?

When your air conditioner is on, can you smell a musty, mildewy scent blowing from the vents? Funky odors are a telltale indication that mold has taken over your AC system, which isn’t ideal for your vehicle or your health. If you notice strange scents emanating from your vents, bring your vehicle to an auto mechanic who can inspect the AC for signs of mold proliferation.


Though fungal growths are a common issue due to the high moisture content within the typical vehicle’s AC system, they can diminish overall AC efficiency. The sooner you have the system professionally inspected and maintained, the better your AC will perform.


Hearing Odd Noises When the AC Is On?

Does your vehicle make odd clanking, rattling, or banging noises when the AC is on? If so, that may be an indication of a worn-out condenser or fan belt, both of which need professional auto mechanic attention. You may be able to get away with a simple AC repair to replace the worn parts, but if the problem persists, AC replacement offers a more comprehensive option


Got Puddles?

Puddles or water stains under your dash or on your floorboards are telltale signs that there’s a blockage somewhere in your AC system. Usually, the drain hose is the culprit, but in some cases, the problem may be more complex. For an in-depth diagnosis and advice on your repair options, take your vehicle to a certified auto mechanic (AA Auto Tech is a great choice!) at your earliest convenience.


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