To maintain optimal vehicle performance, your spark plugs require routine maintenance and replacement. Spark plugs play a critical role in your engine’s performance, it’s fuel mileage, and it’s emissions levels, but there isn’t a spark plug on the market that will last forever. At AA Auto Tech, it’s our goal to help you maintain your vehicle in top condition, so below, we’ve outlined a few easy ways to determine when your vehicle is due for spark plug replacement.


Difficulty Starting

Does your engine seem reluctant to turn over when you start your vehicle? Does the issue seem more pronounced on cold mornings? If so, that may be a sign that you have one or more deteriorated spark plugs. Over time, your spark plugs build up gas and oil residue, which can impede their ability to fire correctly, especially during cold starts.


Keep in mind, though, that your vehicle’s fuel and ignition systems also play roles in starting your vehicle, so in some cases, the spark plugs may not be the culprit. If you’re dealing with rough starts on a consistent basis, have your vehicle inspected by a licensed auto mechanic to avoid premature engine or battery deterioration.


Rough Idling

Does your vehicle make a lot of noise while it’s idling? Does the engine seem to run rough? Worn spark plugs often cause rough idling, so if your vehicle seems to vibrate excessively while you're waiting at a stoplight, take it to your auto mechanic for an inspection. You may also need to replace the ignition coils if your mechanic determines they’re contributing to the problem.


Poor Gas Mileage

Has your fuel mileage decreased over time? Though decreasing gas mileage is a less obvious sign of worn spark plugs, it’s a sign nonetheless. In fact, spark plug deterioration can cut your fuel mileage by up to 30% depending on the severity of the problem!


If you haven’t been watching your fuel mileage closely, but you think it may be time for new spark plugs, now is the time to start monitoring. If you find yourself stopping by the fuel station more often than usual, it’s time to visit an auto mechanic for a spark plug inspection.


Engine Misfiring

In many cases, deteriorated spark plugs contribute to engine misfiring, which you’ll have no trouble noticing should it occur while you’re driving. A misfiring engine produces significant shaking, so if you’ve felt pronounced vibrations while driving, it’s a good idea to take your vehicle to an auto repair shop for an evaluation.


Even a single failing spark plug can result in incomplete engine combustion, which can damage your vehicle’s catalytic converter. As soon as you notice a misfiring engine, contact an auto mechanic immediately to avoid more expensive auto repairs.


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