Have you ever seen the dreaded puddle? You know, the one you find under your vehicle after a day at the office or a quick errand run? If you’re like many vehicle owners, you’ve written it off on many occasions—but do you actually know what’s causing it? Sure, you can always assume it’s just your air conditioner hard at work, but what if that puddle is the result of something more serious? Something that could compromise your vehicle’s performance?


Below, our team at AA Auto Tech details a few of the most common fluid leaks and the reasons they occur. If you find yourself dealing with any of the following puddle situations, don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.


What Does Your Leak Look Like?

Not all puddles are created equal. Clear puddles are usually harmless—they really are just byproducts of a hardworking cooling system. Other puddles, though? The kind that aren’t comprised of pure, clear liquid? Those are the ones you need to be concerned about. Here’s what to keep an eye out for:


●        Engine oil leaks. If your engine is leaking oil, you’ll notice the puddles beneath your vehicle are light brown to almost black in color. Typically, engine oil leaks are slow, but they must be dealt with promptly to avoid poor performance and ultimately, engine repair.


●        Coolant leaks. A puddle of coolant will appear either green or orange in color. To the touch, it feels slimy and slightly viscous. If you’ve noticed colored fluid beneath your vehicle, it’s likely time for an A/C recharge or even a routine tuneup. But, if you’re dealing with a severe leak, your vehicle may require radiator repair or replacement. As always, contact your auto repair technician for an inspection and recommendations on your best course of action.


●        Brake fluid leaks. If your vehicle is leaking brake fluid, you’ll notice it as a clear to light brown puddle beneath your vehicle. The puddle may appear similar to that of an engine oil leak, but the fluid will feel slightly slimier to the touch. Brake leaks are extremely hazardous for your safety, so the moment you suspect a brake leak, take your vehicle to an auto repair shop immediately. Do not wait. Your safety is on the line.


●        Transmission fluid leak. If you’ve noticed reddish puddles beneath your vehicle, there’s a definite chance you’re dealing with a transmission fluid leak. If you let the problem persist unchecked, your transmission will suffer. Rather than a simple fluid flush and transmission repair, you may require a full transmission replacement, depending on the extent of the damage.


●        Power steering fluid leak. Like transmission fluid, power steering fluid also appears reddish in color, so differentiating between the two may be difficult if you’re not well-versed in automobile diagnosis and repairs. To avoid damage to your power steering rack, head to your local auto repair shop for a full diagnosis as soon as you notice pink or red fluid beneath your vehicle.


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