Winters in Hastings, Minnesota -- and the surrounding areas -- are notoriously difficult for everyone to experience. Did you ever stop to think about the toll such frigid weather takes on your vehicle? Even though it might be hard to believe right now, according to the calendar, spring -- and with it warmer weather! -- is right around the corner.

Warm Weather = Being Outdoors More

With the warm weather, more people take to the outdoors. This typically means they spend more time in their cars and on the road. After the long and tough winter, it is a good idea to take your car in to get a tune-up before you embark on the long warm months of travel. After all, having your car break down as you travel enroute to your destination will put a huge damper on any good feelings the occasion might evoke.

Tune-Up Services

While you might think that tune-up services are primarily for older cars, even newer cars can use a good servicing after being stressed to their maximum limits during the long winter. Some of the services you can expect your car to undergo when you bring it in for a spring tune up include inspecting -- and replacing if needed -- the following:

  • all belts
  • spark plugs and wires
  • hoses
  • electrical components

An auto repair shop will also complete the following during a tune up:

  • check and top off fluid levels
  • djust idle and timing

ASE Certified Mechanics

Of course, your tune-up is only going to be as good as the mechanics who perform it. At AA Auto Tech, they have been providing high-quality auto services such as tune ups to their customers for over 22 years. Only mechanics who are ASE certified are employed by this Hastings-based repair shop.

Change Your Oil

The salt, dirt and debris that is so prevalent during Minnesota winters can really clog up your engine's lubrication system. It is a good idea to have your oil changed before the busy spring season kicks into high gear. Not only will it help your car run better so that it is less likely to leave you stranded unexpectedly on the side of the road, doing so now will ensure that it gets completed before you get too busy.

AA Auto Tech has the services you need -- from oil changes and tune-ups to tires and brakes -- to ensure that your spring dreams can be realized, no matter how far they might take you.