As a vehicle owner, you know you need to keep up with regular vehicle maintenance to keep your wheels rolling. But do you know what proper maintenance entails? While frequent oil changes, brake pad replacements, and fluid top-ups are common knowledge, lesser-known maintenance actions can give your vehicle a welcome performance boost. Before the cold weather sets in, it’s always a good idea to make sure your vehicle is in top working condition. At AA Auto Tech, we know a well-maintained vehicle is a safe vehicle. Today, we discuss what a tuneup service entails, and whether or not your vehicle may need one.


What Exactly is a Tuneup?

An engine tuneup service functions to ensure your vehicle’s engine runs as efficiently as possible. During a tune-up, your technician will inspect various engine components to determine if they require repair or replacement. The typical engine tune-up includes the following:


●        Fuel system inspection. A technician will perform a full inspection of your vehicle’s fuel system. This process includes locating potentially damaging fuel filter clogs, assessing the functionality of your fuel pump, and inspecting fuel injectors for performance-killing buildup.

●        Spark plug inspection. Your technician will examine your vehicle’s spark plugs and wiring for age and wear. Old spark plugs can slow acceleration and contribute to poor fuel economy, so performance testing is typically included.

●        Vehicle points and condenser inspection. A malfunctioning points and condenser system can lead to rough starts or idling, and can even cause ignition failure.

●        PCV valve inspection. You should change your PCV valve at every major service interval. A failing or leaking valve can significantly decrease overall performance.

●        Engine timing and idle adjustment. If necessary, your technician will adjust your vehicle’s engine timing and idle. Engine timing can change as you drive your vehicle, so it may need to be adjusted periodically.

●        Air filter inspection. Both your engine and cabin air filters must be replaced at regular intervals. Your technician will examine both filters for age, wear, and buildup, and replace them, if necessary.


How Do You Know if You Need a Tuneup?

If you’ve noticed consistently diminishing vehicle performance, chances are it’s time to take it in for a tuneup. And, if you don’t follow your manual’s suggested maintenance schedule, it’s definitely time for an inspection. Take your vehicle to your local auto repair shop as soon as possible if you observe any of the following symptoms:


●        Engine misfiring

●        Rough starts

●        Rough idling

●        Decreased fuel economy

●        Slowed acceleration

●        Stalling

●        Unusual noises

●        Warning lights


Even if you don’t observe anything out of the ordinary, unseen issues could be building in the background. Experts recommend that older vehicles undergo regular tune-ups every 10,000 to 12,000 miles. Newer vehicles, however, may not require tune-ups at the same frequency due to their high-tech engine computers. If you own a vehicle manufactured after 1999, check with your auto repair technician to determine whether tune-ups are necessary.


Expert Auto Repair in Hastings, Minnesota

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