Have you ever been stranded on the side of the road while steam billows from your engine bay? If so, you know just how critical your vehicle’s cooling system really is. A radiator flush is an important part of your vehicle’s regular maintenance routine, and if you don’t know when to flush your cooling system, the experts at AA Auto tech can help. Below, we discuss three common signs that your vehicle is ready for a new round of coolant.


You Hear Grinding Sounds Coming From the Engine Bay

If you’ve been hearing strange grinding noises coming from under your hood, it may be time for a coolant flush. A grinding noise may indicate that your vehicle’s water pump is failing, which will need immediate attention. Your vehicle’s water pump is designed to circulate coolant through your engine’s cylinders. If it develops a leak or becomes dysfunctional, you could end up stranded on the side of the road with an overheated engine.


You See Green or Orange Fluid Underneath Your Vehicle

When it’s particularly hot outside, you may notice small pools of water buildup under your car, especially if you use air conditioning. Water underneath your vehicle is perfectly normal; orange or green fluid, on the other hand, is not. Orange or green fluid is indicative of a coolant leak, meaning your radiator no longer has the appropriate amount of fluid to properly cool your engine. If left undiagnosed and unrepaired, a coolant leak can spell serious problems for your engine, potentially resulting in overheating and even a blown head gasket. 


Your Engine Runs Hotter Than Normal

Normally, when you start your vehicle, you’ll notice that the engine coolant temperature slowly increases until it reaches the mid-point of your vehicle’s gauge. When your vehicle requires a radiator flush, you may notice that the temperature gauge jumps up beyond its normal level. As coolant ages, it can become contaminated by scaling or rust, causing degradation. Contamination and degradation reduce the coolant’s ability to maintain a proper temperature. When this occurs, you’ll notice that your vehicle runs hotter than usual.


Your Full-Service Automotive Repair Shop  

If your vehicle is approaching 100,000 miles or you notice any of the signs detailed above, it may be time to get a radiator flush. The experienced professionals at AA Auto Tech are dedicated to getting your car back to full functionality, so you can travel with ease and confidence. Whether your vehicle needs a tune-up, brake service, oil change, transmission repair, or you suspect your radiator is ready for service, contact our shop located in Hastings, MN at 651.437.2218. We’d be happy to get you back on the road!