Now that we’re in the peak of summer, you've likely run your car air conditioning every single day. However, you may be noticing that the blowing are doesn't seem as cool as years past. Is it just you? Most likely, it's actually a problem with your air conditioner. Fortunately, that doesn't necessarily mean it'll cost too much to get that cold air blowing again.

Air Conditioner Recharging

At its most basic, an A/C recharge involves adding refrigerant to bring the system pressure up to what it should be. In cars, slow leaks often cause the refrigerant level to drop, and replacing the lost material adds cooling power to the system. If your air conditioning has gotten warmer over months or years, it likely needs more coolant.

Leak Repair

If you've tried basic recharging and found that your system goes back to blowing warm air fairly quickly—in a few weeks or less—it’s probably worth having the leak tracked down and repaired. Here at AA Auto Technicians, Inc., we have the equipment needed to eliminate the guesswork and pin down the problem.

Will Recharging and Leak Repair Fix Your Auto Air Conditioner?

In most cases, these steps will indeed fix your car's air conditioning.Take note whether your system blows any air when you turn it on. If it does, then a lack of refrigerant is usually the problem. On the other hand, if it doesn't blow air at all (either warm or cool), a serious mechanical fault is typically to blame. Luckily, in most cases, the problem is indeed the refrigerant.

Do Air Conditioners Need Scheduled Recharging?

A properly-working air conditioner does not need to be recharged on a set schedule. In fact, a single charge should last for years. If you find yourself needing to have your A/C recharged often, it means there is a leak that's big enough to be worth fixing.

Whether you have a slow leak that can be adequately addressed with a recharge, or your A/C is losing its cooling power fast enough to require leak repair, be sure to give us a call or come to AA Auto Technicians in Hastings. We'll diagnose your air conditioning problems, get your refrigerant level back to its full amount, and get the cold air blowing inside your car once again. Best of all, you'll find that our prices are fair.