Getting your oil changed is routine maintenance, so you may find it tempting to just go to one of the oil change shops that specialize in that task. However, while they can indeed change your oil quickly, the technicians at oil change shops typically do not pay attention to anything else under the hood. This can leave you with hidden car problems that will then make themselves known later at the least-convenient time. For this reason, we strongly recommend you get your oil changed by a full-service auto mechanic.


Why Should You Get Your Oil Changed by a Mechanic?

When an experienced mechanic gets near a vehicle, they don’t limit their focus to just one part of the engine. They look over the entire vehicle, and spot anything that is either amiss or about to become so. Their level of care and attention to detail can save you from being stranded or encountering other inconvenient car troubles down the road. Oftentimes, spotting a problem early and having it fixed right away will prevent knock-on problems that make repairs more expensive, too.


During a typical oil change, the mechanic has a good view of two areas of the car: Under the hood and underneath the car. These areas hold most of the important parts, so having them viewed by someone who knows exactly what they’re looking at is important for a thorough inspection.


Oil change shops may say they have inspections, but what good is an inspection if the technician is only trained on fluids? Because of this, the oil shop's technician usually only finds obvious things like worn-out windshield wipers or low tire pressure, which you can easily detect on your own, if you haven't already. The mechanic is the one who'll stop you from ending up on the side of the road by surprise.


Expand Your Oil Change Inspection

It is usually a good idea to have your mechanic look more in-depth at your vehicle when he changes your oil. One area that's always worth some extra attention is the wheels. Have your mechanic check the brakes, ball joints, and tire rod ends while they’ve already got the car in the air and the old oil is draining. For a minor extra charge, you'll be able to get peace of mind that your brakes and suspension are fine. If they aren't fine, you can get them fixed right away before expensive rotor damage or other problems occur.


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