Nothing can be more annoying than having to get your oil changed, but there are several reasons why doing so is important. Keeping your vehicle running efficiently is crucial, with changing the oil being a priority when it comes to keeping it running at peak performance. Here are some reasons why changing your oil is so important:

Prolongs Engine Life

When it comes to your vehicle, oil is the lifeblood that keeps it running. Between protecting and lubricating the critical parts of the engine, oil prevents these parts from wearing down during routine use. However, oil tends to get dirty over time. If you can keep your filters and oil up to your vehicle's specifications, it helps avoid the stress, money, and time that comes with engine failure and dirty oil. Such a small investment can go a long way and keep you driving for even longer.

Protects Other Vehicular Parts

Aside from protecting the parts you'd expect oil to lubricate, oil does much more than you'd realize. For example, the crank shaft and its surrounding rods require oil to function properly. That's right; these rods assist the pistons that operate inside an engine's cylinders. A camshaft is another part that utilizes oil because it needs the substance to open and close the exhaust valves. For these parts to operate efficiently, they require clean oil.

Improves Gas Mileage

So how does changing oil help better a vehicle's gas mileage? Well, as oil collects dirt and other particles, it begins to hinder the fragile operating parts of the engine. So, given the circumstances, an engine must work harder when the oil is littered with debris, which (in result) burns more gas to operate. Dirty oil increases friction; clean oil reduces friction.

Keeps Your Engine Clean

Whenever oil is flowing into your engine, it oftentimes accumulates particles such as dirt while it travels throughout the mechanical parts. So, if the same oil is continually collecting dirt and other particles without inspection, the oil becomes sludge and it slowly builds up in the engine. In fact, there could likely be more harmful materials that stay in the air and end up in the oil.


These instances make it incredibly important for your oil and filters to get changed on a regular basis to avoid serious damage to your engine.


Considering the information above, there are plenty of reasons why one should get their oil changed regularly. Thankfully, AA Auto Technician, Inc. is here at your service! Contact us today for more information as to how we can keep your vehicle running at peak performance.