Many people are tempted to do their own car repairs in order to save money on the labor costs associated with a real mechanic. While this may work out well for simple repairs, it's not a good idea for major vehicle systems or those related to safety. Mistakes in these areas can lead to engine troubles that leave a person stranded, brakes that don't effectively stop the car, and more. Here are a few reasons a professional car mechanic gets better results:


Every task goes more smoothly when the person doing it has experience. Most DIY car repairs, however, are done by those with no experience with the parts in question. Seemingly simple fixes become all-day projects when you don't know "the trick" for getting everything apart and then back together properly. Trained mechanics know all of the ins and outs.

Proper Tools

The right tools are essential to a frustration-free auto repair. Unfortunately, most people don't have this equipment at home. Professional mechanics have extensive tool sets in their shops, so they always have the right tools for every job.


Some diagnostic tools are often only found in mechanics' shops, as well. While it's fairly easy to get a computer reader, this isn't always enough to pin down a problem. Expensive testing tools, some that cost more than $2,000, are simply too expensive for you to buy just to diagnose one thing.

Major Equipment

It's possible to work on many under-car parts with a creeper in your driveway. However, doing so is hard on the back and the shoulders. It also puts you in a very cramped position under the car. Actually completing the repair is much harder because you have little maneuvering room and low light. Big jobs, like transmission replacement, are impossible in this setting.


A proper auto shop has auto lifts, which position the car at or above eye level for easy access to all parts in the wheels and under the car. This alone speeds up the repair in a tremendous way. It also makes those big jobs possible.


Using a professional car mechanic to get your car fixed is the most cost- and time-effective way to get the job done. Auto shops have the experienced mechanics, complete arrays of tools, and major equipment needed to get the job done both correctly and quickly.


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