Garage stains are like tea leaves. They leave secrets behind for people to find. A little bit of research and detective work leads to different conclusions depending on color, texture, or where the stain is under the vehicle. Oil change shops are ideal for giving the information to in case of the wrong conclusion and end up with a full transmission replacement trying to fix it DIY style.

Looking at Aspects of the Leak

  • Engine oil leaks are spotted effortlessly. The light brown to nearly black coloring is a typical stain on a garage floor. A small amount is a vehicle seeping slowly. However, if the volume blossoms underneath the automobile, it is time for a tune up or a car mechanic's trained eye as to avoid engine replacement. Scheduling the engine maintenance is simple in Hastings, Minnesota because AA Auto Technicians, Inc. uses an online form to simplify the process.
  • Brake fluids tend to be clear to light brown. The texture is slipperier than engine oil leaks. Brake fluid stains send up signals of danger.  If it grows larger, do not drive the automobile.  A brakes shop is imperative, and a tow is the best route to get there.
  • Engine coolant leaks are visibly colored bright orange or green and are slimy in texture. During the hotter months, the size of the dribbling fluid's stain is an alarm. Regular tune ups are always the preferred path. However, the habit of carrying a jug of water and extra coolant is a good habit to start. The AC recharge will ensure the car gets to AA Auto Technicians, Inc for a diagnosis.
  • Transmission or power steering fluids are reddish, and the texture varies.  It might mean a myriad of issues with the automobile, but taking it in for a check-up is best practice. 

Active Engine Operative

A car owner does not have to be a criminal detective to trial and error a leak under an automobile.  Laying down newspaper and monitoring coloring and texture is a simple, but an effective method to use when deciding if a brakes shop, oil change shops, or an auto shop is a necessity. 

An overnight inspection of leaking liquids points to where the auto-issue may lie. Taking the discolored newspaper to AA Auto Technicians, Inc. Minnesota, ensure a trained car mechanic diagnoses the problem efficiently and effectively.