Driving down the road and something does not sound right. The engine tells the owner a lot through the sounds it makes. Engine repair is rarely cheap. Listening to what a vehicle has to say through the sounds is of great consequence.

Putting Engine Ears On

Diagnosing the issue by ear takes practice. But, if listened to close enough, a bit of trial and error is more than useful.  Regular tune ups also ensure engine noises do not catch a car owner off guard.

  • Valve Train Sound —  Valve and hydraulic lifter issues create a click that quiets when the engine RPM's rise. The lifter's job is to open and close the exhaust valves. Sticking hydraulic lifters creates the click, click commotion.  The fix is not quick, nor easy. A professional car mechanic will need to have a peek and double check the engine for repairs.
  • Timing Chain Sound — Rattle noises is disturbing when it begins in the engine. The timing chain makes several connections for the open the valves at the correct time. The suspect sound is because of timing chains loosening and causing a whipping movement and resulting noise.  If the chain is suspected, contact AA Auto Technicians, Inc. for possible engine repair.
  • Detonation Sound — Ping, ping is one of the more annoying noises. But, the warning sound is warning and not meant to annoy. The racket gets louder when accelerating.  The commotion’s cause is the mixture of air/fuel in the engine prematurely igniting. The compression’s heat is the piston’s rise on the compression stroke.  A trained car mechanic is a way to go in case of potential engine replacement.
  • Bearing Failure Sound — Whining is a noise everyone hears at different pitches. When a bearing is failing, the sound grows in intensity when accelerating. The first suspect is not always the culprit. It is possibly a myriad of issues that require a tune up ASAP.   Scheduling with AA Auto Technicians, Inc., Minnesota, is easily accessible through the online form offered. 

Engine Repair & Engine Replacement

Regular check-ups with trained car mechanics save money in the end.  It is healthier for a wallet and an automobile.  No one can predict an engine failure, but they can try to prevent it.