Now that the temperature is finally warming up a bit, it’s the perfect time to prepare your car for the warm summer months. You can start with a simple air conditioning recharge to boost your air conditioning system. A recharge service consists of connecting your car's AC system to a machine, which vacuums all the old refrigerant and oil from the system, and then refills it to an adequate level.

Signs Your Air Conditioner is Losing Refrigerant

If your air conditioner is not producing cold as it should, it may be a sign that the system is on refrigerant. There are essentially two reasons for this:


●        Refrigerant Running Low. As your car gets older, the refrigerant level reduces. It may be time for a refill. The less refrigerant you have in the system, the more difficult it becomes for the AC to cool off the inside of the vehicle.

●        A Leak In the Supply Line. A loose connection or a worn out tube could be allowing some of the refrigerant to escape. Bring your car to AA Auto Tech, and we’ll repair the line and refill the refrigerant.

How Often Does Your Car Need an AC Recharge?

There is no definite answer. Every car is different; thus, every AC system is unique to the design of the vehicle. Some ACs never need to be recharged, while others will need a recharge every few years.


The best indicator that you need to refill the refrigerant is when the system begins to cool less than it used to, but before it stops cooling completely. We can inspect the AC to determine how much refrigerant is left and if we need to refill the system.

Zero Refrigerant Means Zero Comfort

The good news is if the refrigerant runs out, nothing happens. There is no damage to the parts. The bad news is if the refrigerant runs out, nothing happens, also. In other words, no cool air will come out of the vents. The outside temperature combined with the temperature under the hood will determine how cool or hot the air is when it blows out. So if the temperature outside is 98 degrees, then the AC will blow hot air out of the vents.

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