A transmission is as integral to a vehicle’s operation as the motor itself. What happens when your transmission goes out? Your vehicle doesn’t move. Signs of a worn out or damaged transmission begin to show long before it ultimately fails. If you notice these signs, you should bring our car into AA Auto car mechanic so that can inspect the transmission and make the necessary transmission repairs. Below are five symptoms that should alert you.

Transmission Slips

A transmission slips due to low fluid levels. Low fluid levels can cause the transmission to overheat or fail to engage the gears. You may notice that the engine changes pitch in noise or sounds like it’s whining. Other possible signs the transmission is slipping include jerking in the acceleration or a sudden loss of acceleration.

Rough Shifting

A common problem with transmissions that we repair is rough shifting. You may observe that the transmission will not shift at all. In many cases, the gears won’t shift at all. Noises you may hear may include a loud thud or clunking noise when the car shifts up or down. We can inspect the vehicle to see if there is difficulty in upshifting during acceleration.

Delays in Shifting

Have you ever felt like your transmission needed to warm up before you took off out of the driveway? Although it’s always a good idea to allow your car to warm up (especially in the wintertime), enabling a transmission warm is never necessary. So if you experience delays in shifting, we should check your transmission out to see what is wrong. You should look for long pauses if you shifted out of Park or Drive.

Leaks and Drips

Clean automatic transmission fluid should have a bright to dark red, translucent color. Color is an indication of the quality of the transmission fluid, but a dye that most manufacturers put in the liquid to distinguish it from oil or coolant. If you notice red spots on the driveway underneath your vehicle, you should it bring your car to our service center right away for auto repair. Leaks in the transmission can cause serious problems fast.

Transmission Warning Light

If the warning light comes on in your transmission, do not ignore it. It’s an indication that something is seriously wrong with the parts. AA Auto Tech professionals can inspect your car to determine what the problem is and give your car the necessary transmission replacement. No matter what type of vehicle you have, our technicians are certified and trained to handle any transmission repair.

AA Auto Techs Can Fix Your Transmission

If you live in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area and are having problems with your transmission, contact AA Auto Technicians today. We provide a wide range of auto repair and maintenance services for both personal and commercial vehicles. You can depend on us for fast service, affordable rates, and work of the highest quality. To schedule an appointment, call us at 651-437-2218, or you can message us on our contact page.