It is never a good idea to assume your car’s heating system will automatically work when you turn it on the first time. By taking precautions, you can keep yourself and your family warm and safe on the road.


With winter on the way, now is the time to schedule a heater inspection and maintenance with AA Auto Tech. We can assess your heating system’s performance and the make adjustments or repairs. We can also replace your vehicle's entire heating system, if necessary.


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Vehicle Heating Inspection Checklist

When you bring your car into the AA Auto Tech service center, we will inspect or repair three main heating components.

The Cooling System

Over time, the additives in your vehicle’s antifreeze will wear out, making it more difficult to properly regulate the temperature inside your engine, as well as resist freezing-cold temperatures.


The heater in your vehicle relies on the circulation of warm antifreeze to cool down in the radiator and keep the vehicle cabin warm. If the cooling system fails to operate, the vents won’t blow warm air.


Other issues we look for include:


●        A stuck thermostat

●        Debris buildup that clogs the heater core

●        Dried out hoses that could cause a leak

●        A hole in the radiator where antifreeze leaks out

Blower Noise

A car heating system relies on a blower to distribute warm air into the passenger compartment. Over time, the electric blower motor will wear out, resulting in weak or zero airflow. An AA Auto Tech mechanic will assess if your blower motor rotates at several different speeds.


The blower should speed up or slow down as you adjust the fan control on your dash. We will also listen for any unusual noises that could indicate a problem. Screeching, clunking, or metal-on-metal sounds are all indications that we may need to replace the motor.

Air Conditioner

While it may seem counterintuitive to check the air conditioner before winter, the heating system depends on the air conditioner to dry out moist air. If the air conditioner is working, you can defrost your windshield and side windows at a faster rate.

Auto Maintenance in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Winter can wreak havoc with your car’s heating system. Before you experience any problems, however, bring your vehicle to AA Auto Tech. Our certified mechanics can inspect your vehicle to determine if it is ready for the harsh Minnesota weather. We offer complete auto repair, maintenance, and part replacement in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


To schedule auto repair or maintenance service, contact us at 651-437-2218. You also can message us on our contact page.