If you drive your vehicle long enough, you will eventually need to bring in for a comprehensive tune-up. Although tune-ups are different today than they were 20 years ago, vehicles still require some type of maintenance to keep the systems in their car operating well.


When you need a tune-up, bring your vehicle to AA Auto Tech in Hasting, Minnesota. We can give your automobile a complete inspection and let you know what type of maintenance we need to perform.

Tune-Up Inspections We Perform

We perform a wide range of inspections on various systems and parts in your car. Some of these include:

Engine Tests

The most important car component is the engine. Therefore, a tune-up starts with checking the engine to confirm its overall condition. Our engine tests include:


●        Battery voltage which powers modern electronics. We may have to charge the voltage if it is low.

●        Dynamic compression which identifies any mechanical problems such as leaky exhaust valves, worn out rings, bad head gasket, or bad cam, that could affect compression and engine performance.

●        Engine vacuum goes into closed loop operation when the engine warms up.

●        Check exhaust emissions to confirm the vehicle's ability to meet the applicable clean air standards, and to detect gross fuel, ignition or emission problems that require attention/

●        Verify idle speed and Idle mixture to confirm proper feedback fuel control.

●        Check ignition timing to detect possible computer or sensor problems. We also check the operation of the EGR valve.


Now that we’ve checked the engine we can perform basic inspections on various components such as:


●        Oil. There should be no sludge in the oil. The ATF should not smell burnt.

●        Coolant. The coolant should have the proper concentration of antifreeze. There should be no rust or sediment in the coolant.

●        Automatic transmission fluid. The color of the transmission fluid should be a lighter red. If it’s dark or gritty, we need to change it.

●        Power steering fluid. Power-steering fluid should be clear, amber, or pinkish in color. If the power steering fluid is brown or black, it has been contaminated. Brake fluid. The brake fluid should be clear with no sludge. It should not be dark.

Replacement Parts During a Tune-Up

If you have not hard certain parts replaced in your car, we may replace them during a tune-up. Although some items may still be in good condition, we’ll need to replace many of the items including fuel filter, air filter, PCV valve, and breather filter, belts, etc.


We may also need to inspect the following:


●        If the spark plugs are worn out, we may replace them with new spark plugs.

●        If the caps or rotors are in poor condition the engine’s cylinders may not ignite the fuel-air mixture in your engine.

●        Check and adjust ignition timing, idle speed, idle mixture, and O2 sensors.


If you prefer a complete auto inspection, we can also look at other components on your car such as tires, brakes, exhaust system, transmission, and other crucial parts. When we complete our inspection, we let you know what we find.


We will recommend performing specific maintenance and repair to keep your car in top condition.

Complete Auto Maintenance From AA Auto Tech

If you need a tune-up or other auto repairs or maintenance, bring your car to AA Auto Tech service center. We offer complete auto service for cars, trucks, and SUVs.


To schedule service in Hastings, Minnesota, call us today at 651-437-2218, or you can message us on our contact page.