Minnesota winters can be brutal on a vehicle. Plummeting temperatures, snow and ice, and high winds can take their toll. But you don’t have to let winter get the best of your car. AA Auto tech can perform routine maintenance on your vehicle and get it ready for the harsh winter season.


Below are some ways that our technicians can prepare your car for winter in Minnesota.

Assemble an Auto Emergency Kit

If you live in Minnesota, you probably know to keep some emergency supplies in the car for yourself. But you can also have a few handy items available that may get your car back on the road. These items include:


●        Extra headlight bulbs

●        A basic tool set specifically for automobiles

●        A portable battery charger (or spare battery)

●        Fully inflated spare tire and air pump

●        Ice scraper and de-icer

●        Anti-freeze

Get Your Engine Antifreeze Checked/Changed

An AA Auto Tech mechanic can check your antifreeze to make sure there is an adequate supply in the radiator. If the levels are low, we may need to check the reserve tank,  hoses, or the radiator to see if there is a leak.


If you haven’t had your antifreeze changed in a while, we can perform a radiator flush. We can clean out the out fluid and replace it with fresh antifreeze. This will protect your radiator and reduce the chance that your engine freezes up.

Get Your Tires Checked/Changed

One of the most hazardous situations you can be in is to get a flat tire in the middle of blizzard or below-zero temperatures. You can bring your car to our service center for a tire check or change.


We can assess the treads on your tire and then suggest what you need to do. A new set of tires will grip the icy roads better than old tires. You’re also less likely to experience a flat tire in the dead of winter.

Use Winter Windshield Fluid

Regular windshield fluid that you use in moderate to hot temperatures may be useless in the winter, as it freezes quickly upon contact with your windshield.


When winter comes, we can switch out your windshield fluid for winter fluid. Winter fluid is specially formulated to endure the rigors of winter weather and won’t freeze on your windshield. It can help loosen ice and snow from your windshield, making it much easier to keep things clear.

Switch to Winter-Grade Oil

During the winter time, we can put thinner oil in your vehicle. For instance, if we usually put 10W-30 oil in your engine, we can replace it with 5W-30. A lower number means that the oil has a lower viscosity.


Therefore, it is less likely to thicken or freeze during the winter. Your engine will also perform better in the winter when you use oil that has a lower viscosity.

Replace the Old Brakes

We can inspect your car’s brakes. The rotors may be warped or cracked. If they have deep grooves or the pads are worn down to their minimum clearance, we can change out the rotors or pads.


If you don’t have your brakes professionally replaced, your car may not stop when you have to slam on the brakes in an emergency situation. Brakes in poor condition can also stick in frozen weather

Auto Repair in Hasting, Minnesota

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