Your vehicle’s entire suspensions system is designed to lessen the impact of road conditions. Part of the system includes shocks and struts. Although you’ve probably heard these terms when visiting an AA Auto Tech mechanic, you may not know the difference.


Shocks and struts essentially perform the same functions. They keep your car balanced while absorbing impact as you drive your car down the road.


Let’s take a closer look at shocks and struts and how they differ from one another. If you have any further questions or need to schedule maintenance service for your vehicle’s shocks or struts, call or visit Aa Auto Tech today. 




A shock absorber keeps your car from bouncing up and down while driving.


Shock absorbers utilize hydraulics pumps to control the impact and maintain the movement of your car’s springs and suspensions.


The shocks also make sure that your vehicle stays in contact with the road surface at all times. Things can get bouncy on the road. If there were shocks underneath the chassis, your entire vehicle would bounce. Shocks allow the tires to stay grounded even if your car springs up and down.


How do shocks work?


A piston is attached to the end of a piston rod and works against hydraulic fluid in the pressure tube. As the suspension travels up and down, it forces the hydraulic fluid tiny holes inside the piston. Since the tiny holes only allow so much fluid to come through, it creates enough pressure to less an impact from the suspension.


Shock absorbers adjust to road conditions. Therefore, the faster the suspension moves, the more resistance the shocks provide.



One of the main differences between shocks and struts is that shocks work independently of the suspension system. The struts, however, are mounted to the chassis of the vehicle on the top, and then run through the suspension.


You’ve probably seen the large springs behind the tire. The springs wrap around the struts and maintain the height of the vehicle. The position of the struts and springs, allows us to adjust the alignment in your car. This way your vehicle move straight forward instead of veering.


Routine Shock and Strut Maintenance


Both shocks and struts should last ten years under the vehicle before you need to repair or replace them. In most case, we'll need to replace them.


We recommend, however, getting them inspected at least once a year. Shocks and struts will deteriorate over time. Your vehicle will become more difficult to drive. If you neglect the shocks and struts, it could affect your entire suspension system, as well as your tires, rims, and axles.


Complete Shock and Strut Service From AA Auto Tech


If you need your car’s shocks and struts inspected, repaired, or replaced, schedule a visit to AA Auto Tech. We provide complete wheel service, as well as ongoing maintenance for your entire vehicle.


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