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Fuel Economy

Signs Your Fuel Injectors Are Going Bad

The fuel injectors play an important role in the function of your engine. They spray a light gasoline mist onto the engine that helps combine with the oxygen the engine receives to receive and burn gas efficiently. If the fuel injectors are clogged or going bad, your engine may not receive the right amount of gas, causing your car to stall or damaging the engine. Knowing what the signs are of fuel injectors going bad can help you identify the problem when it first develops, ensuring you can get them repaired before major issues develop. Here are a few of those signs.

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Three Ways to Improve Your Fuel Economy Immediately

Is your vehicle suddenly consuming more gasoline? Are you looking for ways to reduce your gas bill? Fuel consumption is tied to the efficiency of a vehicle -- and efficiency can always degrade over time. Here are a few ways that you can improve your vehicle's efficiency in addition to your fuel economy.

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