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Car Maintenance

You Car’s Strange Noises Explained

If you hear a weird noise coming from your car, bring it to AA Auto Technicians for a comprehensive inspection.

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4 Signs Your Engine Needs to be Replaced

If you hear your engine knocking or see smoke coming from it, bring it to AA Auto Technicians for an engine repair or full engine replacement.

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The Essential Engine Maintenance Guide

You should bring your car into AA Auto Tech for routine maintenance. There are a few key areas that need ongoing attention to ensure that they are working properly.

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Schedule a Radiator Flush This Winter

A radiator flush will keep your entire cooling system from overheating during the winter and summer months. Schedule a flush today with us at AA Auto Tech.

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Prepare Your Car for Winter in Minnesota

Minnesota winters can be brutal on a vehicle. Plummeting temperatures, snow and ice, and high winds can take their toll. But you don’t have to let winter get the best of your car. AA Auto tech can perform routine maintenance on your vehicle and get it ready for the harsh winter season.

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What is the Difference Between Struts and Shocks

Your vehicle’s entire suspensions system is designed to lessen the impact of road conditions. Part of the system includes shocks and struts. Although you’ve probably heard these terms when visiting an AA Auto Tech mechanic, you may not know the difference.

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What is Factory-Recommended Maintenance?

Factory Recommended maintenance extends the life of your vehicle while saving you hundreds of dollars in needles car repairs. By allowing AA Auto Tech mechanics to work on your cars according to factory specifications, we can ensure that we are putting the right parts on your vehicle to optimize its performance.

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Vacation Preparation: Pre-Trip Maintenance for Your Car

Nothing ruins a well-planned road trip quite like a breakdown or other unexpected vehicle repair. Having a professional car mechanic perform a few basic inspections and auto maintenance before hitting the highway can save headaches, money, and major disappointment down the road.

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4 Things to Ask an Auto Mechanic

Taking your car to the auto repair shop may be one of the biggest causes of anxiety in the modern world. With all the technological advances in auto manufacturing, your car is a complex mix of precision engineering and electronics requiring specialized care in proper maintenance and repair. The advanced designs and critical computerized components sometimes fail at the worst time, and it is imperative to seek qualified personnel to assess and repair these problems.

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Have Your Shocks Gone Bad? 4 Ways to Tell

The shock absorbers on your automobile are not just for a smooth ride. They also contribute to the primary control of your vehicle with effective steering and braking. Shocks have a lifespan of 50,000 miles, depending on road conditions. AA Auto Tech in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota have trained car mechanics and maintenance services to keep your suspension in working order. Here are 4 simple ways to tell that your shocks have gone bad:

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