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Exhaust Repair

What Does the Loud Muffler Noise Mean?

Are you startled by a gigantic rattle when you start your car and step on the gas? If your muffler is making a loud noise, you should bring it to an experienced car mechanic right away. Putting off repairs can be costly and time consuming. Bring your car into AA Auto Tech and get your muffler fixed today! We do professional auto repair and maintenance for the Hastings, Minnesota area.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Your Car's Muffler

A muffler is a key component of your car's exhaust system. However, those who are not very familiar with cars may recognize the name of the part, but not really know much about it. If you are trying to learn a little bit more about your car here are a few frequently asked questions you may have about your car's muffler.

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Noisy Muffler? It's More Than Just an Embarrassment

It might happen gradually or it could occur all at once, but a noisy muffler is more than just an embarrassment as you drive down the road. Sometimes the problem begins as a small hole that barely makes any additional noise. This can make it easy to overlook the fact that there is a problem until the hole is larger and the noise is louder. In other cases, there might be an incident where the muffler is dislodged partially or fully and it begins to make noise. Regardless of how the problem occurred, if your vehicle has a noisy muffler, you need to have it examined by a trained mechanic as soon as possible. 

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The Sounds and Smells That Tell You You're In Need of A Repair

You may have been told as a kid “Don’t go looking for trouble.” When it comes to maintaining your vehicle that is exact what you should do. Looking for trouble can help you discover small problems before they become big, more expensive issue. That’s why we suggest using more of your senses than just sight to catch those engine repair problems. You can also discover issues using your ears and sense of smell.

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How To Tell It's Time You Need Auto Exhaust Repair

Your vehicle's exhaust system is probably one of the most hard-working components of your car. It helps to reduce noise from the engine, increases vehicle performance and keeps toxic fumes away from you, your passengers and the engine. Unfortunately, is your exhaust system begins to leak, it can cause it to work much harder than it should be, which puts strain on the engine, reduces fuel efficiency and puts you and your passengers at risk.

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