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Snow Tires

When Should You Rotate Your Tires

Regular tire rotation helps extend the life of your tires and improve your vehicle’s performance. So, if you want to save money, get more mileage out of your treads, and maintain a safe driving experience, AA auto technicians recommend that you follow the tire rotation guidelines below:

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Tips to Winterize Your Car

Climate changes affect your car, just as they do you. You wouldn’t go outside in a pair of shorts if the temperature was 24 degrees F, so why would you expect your car to function the same as it does in the warmer months? Your car needs to be winterized to function properly, just as you need to put on a pair of pants and a winter coat to go out in freezing or below freezing temperatures.

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Snow Tires Make A Big Difference!

Snow tires are manufactured with more natural rubber and less synthetic rubber. The benefit is that snow tires remain flexible at colder temperatures, and are thus able to grip the road better than regular street tires. The key is their cold weather interaction. These are not mud tires that are designed to take you off-road at a tractor pull. These are tires that are designed to make driving safer during the colder months of the year. Auto tires that have a higher concentration of synthetic rubber become stiff and unbending during cold weather driving. 

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