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When Should You Replace Your Brake Rotors? 3 Signs It’s Time

If your vehicle seems to be acting up each time you hit the brakes, you’ve no doubt wondered whether it’s safe to continue driving it. Although a variety of issues can cause problems while braking, one of the most prevalent is damaged or worn brake rotors. If left unrepaired, damaged rotors can significantly compromise your ability to stop your vehicle, which presents a major safety hazard. At AA Auto Tech, it’s our job to help you keep your vehicle in safe working condition, so if you’ve noticed any of the following issues, it’s time to call us for a brake inspection.

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Top 4 Transmission Troubles & How To Handle Them

Does your vehicle feel jerky every time you hit the gas? Is it slow to respond when you pull onto the freeway? If either of these issues sounds familiar, nine times out of ten, your vehicle’s transmission is to blame. At AA Auto Tech, we specialize in transmission repair and replacement, and we’re here to let you know that the longer you allow the problem to persist, the worse it will become. Below, you’ll find more information on a few of the most common transmission problems we see, and what you should do if your vehicle is suffering from these issues.

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Getting Poor Gas Mileage? Here’s How to Fix It

Have you recently realized your vehicle no longer gets the great gas mileage you once enjoyed? Are you spending more than normal on your monthly fuel costs? Diminishing gas mileage is typically a sign that your vehicle has undergone normal wear-and-tear and requires one or more replacement parts to improve fuel system functioning. In some cases, though, the issue might simply be a consequence of less-than-stellar driving habits. Fortunately, there are a few simple fixes that can help restore your vehicle’s fuel economy and lighten the burden of frequent fill-ups on your wallet. Our team at AA Auto Tech explains what you can do below.

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4 Reasons Your Check Engine Light Illuminates

Oh, the dreaded check engine light and all the worries that ensue. Will you make it to work okay? Will your car stall out on the side of the freeway? Will your engine be a smoking hot mess when you pull up in front of school to pick up your kids? Should you even drive?!

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Is Your Vehicle Battery Going Bad? 3 Signs to Watch For

Identifying the signs of a failing car battery can save you the frustration of a vehicle that won’t start. Click to learn the telltale signs your battery is going bad from the experts at AA Auto Tech.

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Dreaded Dash Lights: What Do The Indicators on Your Vehicle Dash Mean?

Do you know what your vehicle’s dashboard lights mean? The experts at AA Auto Tech discuss the most common warning indicator lights and the meaning behind them.

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Winter Maintenance Checklist: Is Your Vehicle Prepared?

Winter has taken over, so if you haven’t completed your winter vehicle maintenance, there’s no time like the present. A thorough vehicle inspection and proper maintenance practices can help ensure smooth performance, even in sub-freezing temperatures. If you’re not quite sure what you should do to keep your vehicle functioning in top form this winter, at AA Auto Tech, we’re here to help. We’ve put together this brief winter maintenance checklist every vehicle owner should complete. Take a look and start checking things off the list!

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Bad Brakes: 4 Signs to Watch For

How often do you consciously think about your brakes while you drive? Not often, right? That is until you hear or feel something unusual when you engage your brake pedal. At AA Auto Tech, it’s our job to help you keep your vehicle safe on the road. So, to help you learn to recognize when your brakes are going bad, we’ve put together this list of four common signs that it’s time to have your brakes serviced.

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Tire Rotation: Is It Really Necessary?

When you purchase new tires, they come with a recommended rotation schedule—but do you really need to heed it? Many vehicle owners see tire rotations as just another way for their mechanic to make a quick buck, but that assumption is an erroneous one. Routine tire rotations are important for a number of reasons, and the professionals at AA Auto Tech are here to explain them below.

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Motor Oil: Which Type is Best for Your Vehicle?

When it’s time to take your vehicle in for a routine oil change, chances are you rely on your auto repair technicians to select the appropriate type of oil. While technicians are well-educated and more than qualified to make that determination, it’s always a good idea to be informed about your vehicle, too. Knowing which type of oil is appropriate for your vehicle’s engine can help you make more informed decisions about proper maintenance. If you get overwhelmed just walking into the oil aisle of your local parts dealer, AA Auto Tech in Hastings, MN, is here to explain what to look for when selecting an oil for your vehicle.

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